Glacier Music

Environmetal project, concerts, workshops, CD release

Glacier Music II

Glacier Music grew out of a journey – a shared trip into the icy Greater Caucasus mountains of Georgia, as artists from Armenia, Georgia, and Germany collected visceral sensations of nature to channel into potent musical collaborations. Those mountains form a thread across neighboring but diverse musical traditions, and so from this fragile environment, an international collaboration between multi-talented producers and performers sound a poignant, personal note of urgency.

Robert Lippok and Lillevan (in visuals) join rising stars of the Caucasus – Anushka Chkheidze lends her harmonic imagination and detailed, intimate piano work; her prepared piano gestures (on ‘Microseismic’) match the sculptural explorations of Robert’s experimental electronics. Eto Gelashvili’s voice carries through like a brisk mountain air; Hayk Karoyi combines a deep knowledge of traditional Armenian folk instruments with innovative compositional efforts. 

Ancient Caucasian tradition meets contemporary sound geographies, where electronics meld with more organic sound influences. The resulting music is at once arresting and intimate, bringing the listener closer to the nature that surrounds us. 

Photo: Robert Lippok