What is Dance ?

Release | 7″ Vinyl, Edition of 100 copies, embossed cardboard box, fold-out poster & 15-page booklet

Singuhr Editions, 2023




‘What is Dance?’ artfully poses two succinct works in flux between resonant drones and clangorous percussion, derived from recordings made for a 2017 performance/sound installation at Meinblau Projektraum, Berlin. Lippok was inspired by the mechanical instruments of NYC Fluxus participant Joe Jones to use pieces of wood, cymbals, and rotating plastic film for the installation’s 20 minute long, 4-channel diffusion, which is itself shaped around interpretations of three dances from the Purcell opera ‘The Fairy Queen’.

There’s a beguiling sense of presence and dreamlike unpredictability at play here, with Gas-like harmonic vapours disrupted by Bertoia-esque clangour and diffracted into haunting choral spectres subsonic apparitions on ‘What is Dance?’, and beautifully suspending or deferring disbelief in the foggy, noirish appeal of ‘Echo’. A lowkey minimalist masterclass.”