Rainforest IV

Sound Installation, found objects, transducers, amplifiers, computer 

Group show, Singuhr, Elisabeth Kirche, Berlin, 2022

Curator: Carsten Seiffarth
Artists: Matt Rogalsky, Hans W. Koch, Jessica Ekomane, Hanna Hartman, Robert Lippok, Zsolt Sörés, Ioana Vreme Moser, Michael Winter, Miki Yui

David Tudor’s “Rainforest IV” from 1973 is one of the key works in the development of sound art. As part of the “Modular Music” series by singuhr – projekte, Tudor’s work will be reinterpreted by a group of seven international composers, sound, media and visual artists, creating a walk-in ensemble of sounding objects in space, which will be played live by the participating artists in four concert performances. The sound material from these concerts forms the basis of the installation, which concludes “Modular Music”.

The three-part series “Modular Music” by singuhr – projekte presents works in the intermediate area of installation, environment, performance and concert. As modular artistic platforms, they serve as models for new forms of cross-genre music and art productions. involved.