Fulldome 360°AV piece, 15 Min

A coproduction of Berliner Festspiele / The New Infinity & Stiftung Planetarium Berlin, 2021

Concept: Lucas Gutierrez and Robert Lippok
Video: Lucas Gutierrez
Composition: Robert Lippok

With their new work SPIN, visual artist Lucas Gutierrez and composer Robert Lippok conduct their interdisciplinary research in the fields of time, nature and technology. The terms Physis / φύσις (nature) and Téchne / τέχνη (art and craft), as used by Aristotle in his treatise Physics, became a trigger point for the development of this audio-visual installation. “The critical distinction between art and nature concerns their different efficient causes: nature is its own source of motion, whereas techne always requires a source of motion outside itself.” The objects with their ancient appearance develop a radical contrast to the sounds of everyday life Within the two rings, SPIN is a meditation space where sounds of nature and civilization meet and chaos, silence, wildness, peace, evolution, disaster, are in constant motion.