Release | LP, limited Edition of 100
Feral Note, 2029

Augmented Piano: Kaan Bulak
Electronics: Robert Lippok
Recorded at ZKM_Kubus, Karlsruhe


For KUBUS Robert Lippok and electroacoustic pianist Kaan Bulak met in May 2018 at the studios of ZKM in Karlsruhe and finalised their stay with a live improvised and recorded concert, released on Feral Note. Lippok’s imagination leads the audience from inventive rhythmic reflexes and fuzzy tones to glitch-y twisted techno while filling the Kubus in all three dimensions. Bulak contributes to this framework created by Lippok harmonically and sonically with his augmented piano. This concept describes a piano that, without losing its traditional phrasings, is extended in its articulations – acoustically and electronically.

“The melancholy and melodious aspect of Bulak’s piano blends with glitchy and post-techno sensitivity of Lippok. Kubus feels as a well-led composition but has a light-weight feel of an improvisation. Subtlety and delusional mirage quality to it. Some aspects in their music leads to something more elusive than just an ambient soundscape. There is a well-designed diorama of mystery behind it all.” Felthat Reviews

“Honestly, this is the type of thing I could listen to on repeat for an entire day and not hasten for a moment to press forward. It’s a genuine balance of curved ambient iciness spiced with a perfect amount of fractured refrain, gently floating in the equanimity of active/passive delivery.” Toneshift