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raster-noton | archiv für ton und nichtton, 2011



Simple sonic events are unfolding themselves and evoke the sound of an Orffean children ensemble. Pleasant and strange noises join a bass foundation that recreates the ground shaking subsonic waves of mid-nineties drum&bass. It‘s like a drum major meets a Tibetan monk. They try to do a dervish thing together, elegant and funky, which forcibly drags the slowest souls out of their torpor and forces them to run and jump. Loops radiate, something is bouncing, the universe steps out of an anti-academic cloud, into your mind and the unexplored regions of our sensibility.
All is good in the noosphere with Redsuperstructure.

Redsuperstructure is based on the spectacular set he performed at the raster-noton Electric Campfire at Villa Massimo in September 2010. 

On the last track, »Daylightastronomy«, the accompanying harp is played by Italian harpist and composer Beatrice Martini.